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  • How has it been 10 months already?

    Maybe it’s because we’ve been bunkered down, or maybe it’s because time really moves swiftly (unless you’re in the last 10km of a marathon or waiting for your nails to dry), but it doesn’t feel like we’ve been here for 10 months and I still feel like a visitor in many ways. If you asked me to recommend cool restaurants…

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  • A little Amsterdam life update

    These last few weeks have been among the hardest I’ve gone through since we’ve been here, and it’s not really even connected to emigration or being in a new’ish place.… Read More

  • A weekend away in Den Helder

    On Friday morning we headed to Den Helder, a little port city in the north, and less than an hour and a half’s train ride from central Amsterdam. While there… Read More

  • Our first Pesach in Amsterdam

    There were matzah balls and brisket, and just the four of us celebrating our story of freedom, while sitting in lockdown. This was our first Pesach in Amsterdam, and our… Read More

  • Are you planning on immigrating to The Netherlands?

    Every week, I get questions on social media or via email about emigrating – tips, how we got in etc etc, and since I’m giving so much anecdotal advice and… Read More

  • From Midrand to Hilversum: the expat series

    I “met” the awesome Chanté Lindes through the South African Moms in The Netherlands Facebook group. We are both admins of the group, along with another amazing woman Barbara (who… Read More

  • Emigration tips (my advice from Johannesburg to Amsterdam)

    I get asked weekly about emigration – how we did it, how we found an apartment, how we got in, how we found jobs etc etc. Some of them come… Read More

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Hi, I'm Tanya. I'm a South African now living in Amsterdam. I'm a mom, runner and writer, and work in content & advertising. Welcome to my blog. Read More

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