Are you planning on immigrating to The Netherlands?

Every week, I get questions on social media or via email about emigrating – tips, how we got in etc etc, and since I’m giving so much anecdotal advice and things I’ve learnt, I thought I’d “formalise” things and offer sessions to those wanting more info. I’m not an emigration lawyer (though we worked with one for our process) and I don’t know the country like the back of my hand, but we had a relatively smooth process and have obviously learnt loads – before, during and after our emigration.

A few people have also asked for Zoom/online meetings to answer questions and chat about the process, so if you’re keen to do the same, please let me know. These sessions would be for those who are thinking of coming to The Netherlands, or those who have decided to come, but aren’t sure where to start.

As a disclaimer – I will not try to sell you offerings or go with service providers. I’m independent and not affiliated to anything, so you know you’re getting honest advice and not commission-based advice.

If you’d like more info or just to chat, please email me here.

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