More snow, crafts, curfews and a visit to the dentist

I wish i could say that I’ve found my vigour for 2021, but I’m feeling depleted. I blame homeschooling. It’s not the lockdown, new curfew (no being out from 9pm to 4.30am), or the fact that I can’t browse shops or sit down at restaurants (though that would be lovely). While Rebecca is an easy toddler, and she doesn’t have to log onto virtual classes all day, I’m finding the setup exhausting, and I laugh at myself for thinking it was the most challenging it could ever get back in South Africa last year when we had help with her, and our house.

To be honest, this has been the hardest part so far about our relocation, and I realise it’s not necessarily Amsterdam or emigration specific – it’s just one of those pandemic things, and I by no means think we are unique/special snowflakes and the worst off.

When the amended lockdown was announced in the middle of December and schools were closed, I ordered a whack of crafts (120 Euros worth!), smugly thinking that we had enough stuff until schools went back. Each day, the “Craft Fairy” delivers something new to Rebecca to craft with, and our bag is almost empty. I had to order a big new stash last week, and let’s hope schools return before the crafts are depleted – there’s talk of February 8, and we have a chilled bottle of Champagne waiting to be popped for the day our little one enters the school gates. I’m thinking of preparing an incredible breakfast too, to enjoy with my husband, with whom I haven’t really had a meal alone in weeks and weeks. Fresh orange juice is a must too.

Like everyone else’s year it seems, there’s been no slow settling in and work has been full-on (in a good way). I’ve asked for more things to do to challenge myself further, which might have been dumb considering how much crafting is part of my daily requirements.

A few weeks ago, I did a callout on a few of the Facebook groups for runners in my area, and many messages later, I now have a running group in my area. There are 40 people on the group so far, and we’ve met twice in the Amsterdam Bos to run – there’s also a beginner’s running group who are working towards their first 5km run. I have told everyone that I mainly (and selfishly) created the group so that I could improve my motivation and pace. I hope that marathons will return to life at least the second half of the year – I miss them and the South African running circuit immensely (minus the tambourines that get played during races).

About two weeks ago one of my molars fell out (the result of a bad root canal many years ago), and I had to go to the dentist. I have limited experience of healthcare here, but everything I’ve seen has been super professional, kind and friendly. When I called the dentist to make the appointment, they asked for my BSN number (like an ID number) as I’m a new patient, and from there they could see all my details – from my age and address to medical aid details. I never had to fill out forms, and the billing, while painful to my heart, is really organised too. I get an email, I click on a link, and I pay. And then I might cry – implants are not cheap, but I currently look scary, so it’s a must-do.

My dental practice is superbly organised, and I was quite surprised that they gave me an ice pack, gauze, Paracetemol and Ibuprofen after my extraction (they had to yank the rest of my tooth out). On the way out the dentist rooms, once the injections were wearing off, I messaged my husband to have the Myprodol ready as my pain was more than what Paracetemol could manage.

Here are even more snow pics from our ‘hood last week – the light ones were taken the morning after. I had the most beautiful run in the post-snow – I was initially panicked about slipping on the melted snow, but the paths weren’t wet at all.

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